The Car

This year’s design process for the car primarily revolved around the question of where material was needed in the first place. Material was only added in the essential places to keep the weight as low as possible and optimize the aerodynamics. 

However, it was also important not to discard proven concepts from previous years, but to continue using them or, where possible, even improve them. These include in particular the wheels and the cartridge chamber, whose design was inspired by previous years.

The design of the final model directs most of the air under the car to minimize the downforce generated. Airflow was also improved by lower rear wings; after removing the rear boxes, we were able to make this improvement.

We learn from the best – the wheel placement follows the „AlphaTauri AT02,“ a Formula 1 race car that our designer examined during a visit to a museum in Sinsheim, Germany.


Computational Fluid Dynamics allow us to discover areas of our car where air is not propperly flowing or where unexpected amounts of stress is applied. This saves time over an actual measurement in a wind tunnel besides being more economical.