The Team

Saide is responsible for the resources. This means among other things the financial aspect of the project. These are important so that we can work as efficiently as possible whilst being perfectly informed on what we can and cannot do with our resources

Felix is responsible for the maintenance, design and development of this very website. Additionally he is also responsible for simulations such as wind tunnels. This means working together with Paul to ensure that the car not only appears aerodynamic but actually is. For this CFD software is used.

Paul is responsible for the designing of the car. These are created in CAD software, allowing him to make changes before actually producing the car. He also takes care of the building process itself, a wide ranging task from choosing the material to method of production and then assembly

As team manager Louis is responsible for the administration of the team as well as guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page. He also ensures that deadlines are kept and that the workload is well distributed. If needed, he also helps individual team members if they need help

Vinicius is responsible for the graphic design of our project. This means everything from the logos and the layout for the portfolio to the team’s clothing. He also provides the finishing touch on many smaller projects, assuring that there is a coherent team identity throughout the Project.

Eric is responsible for our Public Relations. He reaches out to new sponsors and keeps the old ones interested in our project. Furthermore he is responsible for the maintaining of our social-media presence